Vespro per la Festa di Santa Barbara

Accademia degli Invaghiti - Concerto Palatino
Francesco Moi, dir. 

Brilliant Classics
Catalog N° 95344
EAN 5028421953441


17th-Century Sacred Music in Wroclaw

Gli Angeli Geneve
Concerto Palatino
Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra
Stephan Macleod, dir. 

Claves Records
Catalog N° CD 1805
EAN/UPC 7619931180526


Johann Schelle

Die Kölner Akademie
Michael Willens, dir.

CPO Records
Order Nr. 6142547

Johann Staden

Windsbacher Knabenchor (Martin Lehmann, director)
Concerto Palatino, Capella de la Torre
Hana Blažíková, soprano; Alex Potter, countertenor; Satoshi Mizukoshi, tenor; Dominik Wörner, Bass

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88875042942

Gabrieli Sacred Symphonies

Ex Cathedra (Jeffrey Skidmore, Conductor)
Concerto Palatino
His Magestys Sagbutts and Cornetts

Hyperion B0097LP1JS

Heinrich Schütz
Opus ultimum

Collegium Vocale Gent and Concerto Palatino

Harmonia mundi HMC 901895.96

Neu-gepflanzte Thüringische Lust-Garten: Selected Vocal Music by Johann Rudolf Ahle

 Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki, director

   BIS - CD-821


Altbachisches Archiv (Sacred Music by the Ancestors of J.S. Bach)

   Cantus Cölln, Concerto Palatino, Konrad Junghänel, director

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 901783.84

Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2003


Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantatas 91, 101, 121, 133

   with Bach Collegium Japan (Masaaki Suzuki)



Sonate Concertate: Virtuoso instrumental music of Castello and Scarani

   Accent - ACC 9058 D

"Incontestably the most inspiring, the most innovative, and the most incisive recording of Venetian music which we have heard in a long time."
(Le Diapason, France)

Francesco Cavalli
Vespro della beata Vergine

Re-released on Glossa 2012
Cat. Nr. 922509

Fanfare says of the re-release:
This disc, first released in 1995 by Harmonia Mundi, was not reviewed by Fanfare at that time. Brian Robins did the honors when it appeared again in 2000 (on Harmonia Mundi 905219.20; Fanfare 23:3). Here it is once more, this time on Glossa.
There’s good reason it doesn’t vanish for long: It’s simply the best version of Cavalli’s reconstructed Marian Vespers…  In short, praise to Glossa for rereleasing this, and for Dickey, Toet, and Harmonia Mundi for having the good sense and taste to record it in the first place. Highly recommended.


Francesco Cavalli: Vespro della beata Vergine

   Barbara Borden, Emily van Evera, Rodrigo del Pozo, Mark Padmore, Gerd Türk, Markus Brutscher, Harry van der Kamp, PeterZimpel

   Harmonia mundi France HMC 905219.20

Awarded the Diapason d’or

"The overall effect is both stunning and revelatory, an authoritative reminder of the quality of Cavalli’s sacred music, so often overlooked in favour of his work for the stage. This is a major recording achievement, sensitively realized in a warmly resonant acoustic that could almost be St. Mark’s Basilica itself."     (Gramophone, Great Britain)

Effetti e Stravaganze: Affect and Effect in 17th-century Instrumental Music

   Accent - ACC 94102 D

Giovanni Gabrieli: Sonate e Canzoni ‘per concertar con l’organo’

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 901688

"[…] All of the timbres lead to a veritable "banquet of sounds": seductive cornetts, imperious trombones, airy violins, and, the pinnacle of refinement, two superb organs in opposing choir lofts, glittering with a thousand flames. Totally immersed in the style appropriate to these delicate labyrinths, Concerto Palatino delivers delicious sonic bliss where the flamboyant art of improvisation triumphs: lucky Venetians who were surrounded every day with the beauty of a music so learned and so brilliant."(Classica, Italy)


Virgilio Mazzocchi
Vespro della beata Vergine
Carissimi, Frescobaldi, Palestrina

Cantus Cölln and Concerto Palatino
Konrad Junghänel, director

Harmonica mundi France HMC 902001

Claudio Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale

   Cantus Cölln, Concerto Palatino
Konrad Junghänel, director

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 901718

Grammophone record of the year (2002), Caecilia Prize


Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine

   with Cantus Cölln
Konrad Junghänel, director

   Deutsche harmonia mundi - 05472 77332 2

Edison Awards Classical (1996)


H.I. Biber: Litaniæ Sancto Josepho, Sonata Sancti Polycarpi, Fidicinium sacro-profanum, Sonata IX & G. Muffat’s Missa in labore requies & A. Bertali’s Sonata a 13, Sonata Sancti Placidi

   with Cantus Cölln
Konrad Junghänel, director

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 901667

Grammophone, editor’s choice (3/1999)


Il Concerto Palatino di Bologna: North Italian Music for Cornetts and Trombones 1580-1650

   Accent - ACC 8861 D

"Concerto Palatino’s consummate technique, intonation and ensemble set new standards in the revival of this music."
(Early Music, England)


Heinrich Schütz
Psalmen Davids

Cantus Cölln and Concerto Palatino

Johann Rosenmüller: Weihnachtshistorie (History of the Nativity)

   Cantus Cölln, Concerto Palatino, Konrad Junghänel, director

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 901861


Heinrich Schütz: Symphoniae Sacrae III

   Cantus Cölln, Concerto Palatino
Konrad Junghänel, director

   Harmonia mundi - HMC901850.51

Gramophone: Editor’s Choice

Répertoire: 10 de Classica


Christoph Strauss (1575?-1631): Missa Maria concertata / Motets

   Soloists: Barbara Borden, Nele Gramß, Rodrigo del Pozo, Markus Brutscher, Stephane van Dyck, Harry van der Kamp, Ulrich Messthaler

   Harmonia mundi France - HMC 905243

"...Concerto Palatino has discovered a passionate work. The skillful use of instruments, the opposition of soloists with massive effects give these pages an opulence which is perfectly transmitted by Concerto Palatino."
(Le Monde de la Musique, France)


Adriaan Willaert/Giovanni Gabrieli: Venetian Music for Double Choir

   with Currende
Erik van Nevel, director

   Accent - ACC 93101 D

Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine / Missa in illo tempore

   with The Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki, director

   BIS - CD-1071/10

Matthias Weckmann
Sacred Motets

Cantus Cölln and Concerto Palatino
Konrad Junghänel, director

(Includes two sonatas with Concerto Palatino)

Harmonia mundi - HMC 902034